Clue Catcher ™ Apps are designed... By a Licensed Speech Language Pathologist (SLP). To be an intuitive app for all ages. To increase comprehension. To be mobile and affordable!

Clue Catcher – Context Clues
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Clue Catcher ™ feature highlights

  • Stop Copying Worksheets

    all you need in just one app!

  • Differentiate Your Context Clue Lessons Easily

    use different grade level vocabulary to meet each student’s needs

  • Easily Identify the “Important Information” within sentences

    teach students the skill so they can apply it themselves

  • Whole Group Lessons, when connected to Your SmartBoard!

    teach your whole class the skills of using Context to define unfamiliar words when connecting to a SmartBoard

Learn what other Speech Language Pathologists, Teachers and App Review Sites say about Clue Catcher ™…

“I have amassed more than 5000 educational applications to support students with IEP goals and core curriculum. The Clue Catcher IOS app fills a void that exists with the vast assortment of apps that foster and track reading comprehension skills from elementary through the secondary levels. Kudos to the Speech Pathologist and development team for the creation of this innovative and creative approach!”

Nancy M.Ed.D. Assistive Technology Specialist

“This app teaches the all-important skill of understanding word meaning through context.”

Smart Apps for Kids

“I love that it provides the scaffolding necessary for my students to learn to use context clues. It’s a real time saver!”

Angela S.Speech Language Pathologist

“I love the clean intuitive interface, scaffolding, wide range of vocabulary…”


“This is a hands on approach to teaching meaningful strategies that promote independent thinking and learning.”

Virginia M.Special Educator

“I love the app for many reasons but the biggest one is that it actually teaches and doesn’t just test (like many apps).”

Speechy Musings

“It’s definitely something that can be individualized or used with a group. Love it.”

Jason P.Special Educator

“…fills a void of helping students develop vocabulary skills through context clues and inferencing.”

Teachers With Apps

“It incorporates a lot of vocabulary from the common core literature and reading selections.”

Louise W.Teaching Assistant and Parent

“Clue Catcher helps teach a much-needed skill and it does so in a quality way.”

BestAppsforKids. com

“I love the Think clues. This will really help the students … Very helpful…”

Laura B. English Teacher/ Reading Specialist

“Clue Catcher is a strong tool for home and classroom use.”

BestAppsforKids. org

“The most meaningful lessons are derived from individual students’ needs. This amazing program is proof that authentic learning tools yield the most successful results!”

Kim T.English Teacher/ Reading Specialist

Clue Catcher ™ is an application designed by a Speech Language Pathologist for use by other Speech Language Pathologists, Special Educators, General Education Teachers and even parents.  The purpose is to teach students how to improve their skills to use context to determine unfamiliar word meanings.

This app will provide opportunities to learn the two most important skills necessary to define unknown or unfamiliar words using the context of the sentence.

  • Clue Catcher ™ will help the student to identify the words/phrases within a sentence that are meaningful and contribute to a better understanding of an unfamiliar word’s meaning (the clues)
  • Clue Catcher ™ will show the student how to understand and relate to those ‘clues’ in a way that gives meaning to the unfamiliar word.  

Clue Catcher ™ was developed by a Speech Language Pathologist to provide the framework for teachers to work with students individually or in the form of a group lesson. The intent is not to teach vocabulary, per se, however with exposure to vocabulary in context it is not unreasonable that the students will broaden their vocabulary base. Vocabulary was culled from grade level literature, and there may be some, minimal, duplication of vocabulary across the grade levels.  A simple counter will provide raw data consisting of correct/incorrect responses to track student progress.

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